My Three Favorite Things to Do with a 3×5 Index Card

The ever-versatile Index Card. Used wisely, it can build a sense of belonging, cure homesickness, and keep you grounded. Who knew?

This time of year, I use a lot of 3×5 index cards to prop up the legs on LCD projectors. In the past, I’ve used them to shim stair treads, prop doors open, jot to-do lists and outline articles. The humble cardstock rectangle can also serve some powerful educational functions, three of which I’d like to share with you in today’s Week-Ender. #1 The Bunk Nametag The infamous Name Game has many variations, all designed to increase familiarity among campers … Continue reading

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Clearing The Lawn Of Leaves


WACO, Texas – The seasons are changing, and with fall comes leaves – often lots of them. Keeping a lawn leaf-free can be a daunting task for some homeowners. There are multiple ways to get rid of accumulating leaves, whether homeowners are disposing of them or recycling them. The Grounds Guys offers a few tips for keeping leaves under control this fall. When disposing of leaves: Mow them up Attach a bag to your lawn mower and mow over the leaves … Continue reading

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Free 1 Hour Child Abuse Protection Webinars

This webinar discusses the strategy and tactics that comprise The Kanakuk Child Protection Plan, a comprehensive safety system to prevent, detect or respond to emotional, verbal, sexual and physical abuses in youth programming. The Kanakuk System is regarded as one of the most comprehensive protection plans in the country and is being implemented by youth organizations of all types and sizes. This webinar occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you. September 16, … Continue reading

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5 Tools to Help You Be More Productive This Fall


Wow, it’s almost hard to believe that summer 2014 is done and gone. I’m sure by now you’ve been busy finalizing the summer that was and preparing for the fall and winter season that will be. One of the things that I find most helpful towards the end of the summer and start of the next season is to evaluate how I work. With the massive amount of online tools and the pace at which they change, there are almost always new … Continue reading

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Saving Face in a Bold-faced Lie

"I didn't do it!"

Kids lie all the time. Grown-ups do, too, in big and small ways. Sometimes we lie to be polite, as in: “That looks fabulous!” or “This is delicious!” Perhaps protecting someone else’s feelings makes lying permissible, but lying to protect ourselves often leads to trouble. So in our work with children, how should we respond to the inevitable lying that occurs? How can we raise truthful youth? “I didn’t do it!” is probably the most common lie youngsters tell. Or, in … Continue reading

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